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Blog Growth Engine: The Fastest, Foolproof Way to Make Your First $10,000/Month Online

Blog Growth Engine 4.5 is a business-based blogging course, 1-on-1 coaching program, and community with over 3,800 students. With our unique method, you can turn your blog into a profitable online business.

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Blog Growth Engine is for you if…

You’ve wanted to start a blog but aren’t sure where to begin.

If you’re not sure about the tech, or you are struggling to come up with a niche, or if you don’t know anything about SEO, affiliate marketing, or creating content, we understand exactly where you are and can help you figure it all out.

You’ve started a blog and gotten some traction, but feel stuck.

Maybe you know your way around WordPress and you’ve published some articles. Maybe you’ve gotten some traffic, but you’re not where you want to be. And you’ve been searching online for clear-cut answers to take your blog to the next level with traffic and revenue. You've found the solution you've been looking for.

You’re already making money with your blog and you’re getting results.

You know blogging is a great business to run, you’ve had some success, but you want to take your blog to the final step and scale to 6 and 7 figures as fast as possible.

If you resonate with any of that…

Blog Growth Engine 4.5 was built and tested over the last 3 years just for people like you.

What You Get...

What Is Blog Growth Engine?

Unlike other blogging courses, you aren’t stuck with endless video lessons with no hope of finishing in sight. BGE is an active 1-on-1 blogging coaching program, and we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to go from an initial idea to a fully optimized blog. And within your first 60 days, we aim for you to have 20+ articles published using the BGE strategies to turn your website into a money-making machine

With 3,800+ students and counting, BGE is creating pro bloggers every day.

Are You Ready To Build A Profitable, Scalable, Unkillable Blogging Business?

If you’re looking for a way to create an online income for yourself... So you can take back your freedom, replace your 9-5, and regain your personal power, you're in the right place.

Blog Growth Engine can help you do just that. You can stop looking for all the answers. You can close all those tabs about how to make money with your blog. Because with some focus and a little help from us, you can build a real online business that pays you while you sleep.

BGE is a living, breathing, online business building machine. It's all based on everything I’ve learned over the last 4 years while I quietly created a 7-figure content-driven business.

It took me an entire year to create all of the content and modules in Blog Growth Engine, and with 1,700+ students, we cracked the code.

Some people say it’s like an ivy league MBA on steroids.

But it’s 1% of the cost of that fancy degree, and the information you’ll learn is 100% practical, and applicable for the time we are living in right now. Most business and marketing information taught in college is a decade or more stuck in the past.

Here's where we're different...

This isn’t a thin info course about how to make a few extra bucks with a weekend side hustle. It’s a full educational curriculum. We teach you everything you need to know in a step-by-step manner to build an unkillable content-driven business. Plus, we're updating the program on a regular basis to make sure all our methods and strategies are up to date.

When you enroll in Blog Growth Engine and join our community, you get access to everything you need to succeed.

A Full Blogging Curriculum (Here's what you get)

Take A Peek Inside Of Blog Growth Engine 4.5 


“Shaping Your Brand” Crash Course

  • Brand of you

  • Niche Selection

  • Pick Your Domain

  • Authority Flywheel

The Brand of You Defined: Your personal brand is pivotable, scalable, adaptable, and real. Mistakes and niche shifts are allowed, and outcomes can be transformative. Real influence matters more than superficial status.


Installing New Frameworks

  • Mindset Matters

  • Motivation Doesn't Exist

  • No More Excuses

We'll help you overcome impostor syndrome and build the indomitable mindset you need to succeed as a blogger. You'll learn how to think like an entrepreneur and overcome common mindset obstacles everyone faces.


Your Minimum Viable Website

  • Website Creation 101

  • The Website ToolKit

  • Core 4 Pages

We want to get you up and running fast, so we break down exactly how to build your Minimum Viable Website. We walk you through getting your domain name, setting up hosting, and getting your site built on WordPress.


Mastering Search Intent

  • Keyword Foundation

  • Ranking In Google

  • Spotting Trends

In this module, you'll learn how to figure out your main topical keywords to build your site's foundation from. We'll cover topical authority, sub-niches, long tail keywords, and how to find hidden gems that your competitors have missed.


Crafting Quality Content

  • Minimum Viable Post

  • Content Assembly Line

  • Master Content Updates

You want to get content up FAST. We break down a framework all of us use here at BGE to get the minimum viable post up as quickly as possible. This way, you get a bunch of content created, which helps you build momentum.


Link Building Demystified

  • Fundamentals

  • Link Exchange Flywheel

  • Real-Life Strategies

Learn why backlinks are fundamental to getting your site to rank and boosting your authority. We'll help you understand how to find great backlink opportunities, and how to get the highest quality links possible.


Monetizing Your Brand

  • 4 Phases of Profit

  • Affiliate Marketing Machine

  • Securing Sponsorships

Now's the time to start monetizing your hard work. We'll walk you through how to make money from your site with affiliate marketing, ad revenue, digital products, and even consulting.


Decoding Google’s Infamous Algorithm

  • Helpful Content Update (HCU)

  • Regular Audits

  • What to Improve

Learn what the HCU is and how it affects every piece of content you create. We break down examples of what is truly deemed as helpful content and what Google is penalizing so you have a framework for creating content that gets traffic.

Expert Blogging Coaching When You Need It

True 1-on-1 Coaching To Accelerate Your Progress

Inside BGE, you get exclusive 1-on-1 coaching and direct message support. This way you can absorb decades of expert-level blogging knowledge without having to figure it out on your own.

We offer Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching

We are here to help you whenever you get stuck. And the best part about it is it’s unlimited. You can book a call with one of our blog coaches any time you need help, get stuck on something, or want feedback on a strategy you're working on.‍

There is no extra charge for these calls… it’s built right into the program. When I was starting out, I wish I could’ve picked up the phone to get my questions answered by an expert. And because of that experience, we’re making it possible for you.

Plus, you get access to even more support 👇🏻

Direct Message Access

Got a quick question you need help with? You can send a DM to our coaches any time -- 24 hours a day, and we'll get back to you with a personalized reply. 

Exclusive Community

Every single day, you’ll interact with other students who are working toward the same goal you are: a profitable blogging business you’ve always wanted – one that makes you a living, and gives you back your time and freedom. Not only will you make friends, you’ll also get to see what others are doing, and you’ll get the accountability and feedback you need to stay focused.

Exclusive Slack Backlink Exchange

You know you need backlinks to build your authority and improve your SEO. From day one, you'll get access to an exclusive group on Slack with hundreds of other bloggers you can work with to build high-quality backlinks. This is worth thousands of dollars alone.

Exclusive Limited Time BGE 4.5 Bonuses

When You Join BGE Today, You Get Immediate Access To The Following:

Continuing Education

  • The BGE Vault

We'll be uploading new training modules, webinars, and exclusive content regularly. We'll also be doing educational videos including site tear-downs, backlink analyses, content marketing audits, and more. 

Blogging Shortcuts

  • Custom Blog Post Templates

You'll get the exact blog post templates to use for every post you create. This is a fast track to creating informational and transactional content that ranks and makes you affiliate income ASAP.

Continuing Education

  • Upwork Freelance Course

A full course taught by one of our best students on how to create a profitable freelance business using Upwork. We’ll walk you through every step of the process from setting up your profile, creating your unique value proposition, and how to find the best clients.

Continuing Education

  • SEO Agency Course

Learn how to build your very own SEO agency. This course is taught by BGE our blogging coach Jessica. You'll learn how to get your first SEO clients, get them results, and offer robust, valuable SEO services to small and medium-sized businesses. 

Continuing Education

  • Legacy BGE Course Content

Get access to all of the legacy BGE course curriculum -- going back all the way to 2021 when we first opened the course. 

Continuing Education

  • BGE Coaches Corner

You get access to all of the previously recorded group coaching calls -- so if you ever want to reference a coaching session, or catch up on one you missed, it's all there for you in the community. 

It's Time To Get Started

When you enroll in BGE today, you get access to:

🏫 Full Blogging Curriculum including 51+ videos, blog post templates, and step-by-step instructions to build an unkillable blogging business.

📹 Clear and instructive video modules you can go through at your own pace to complete on your own time, even while working full-time.

☎️ Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching with our expert blog coaches. Book a live call with one of our blog coaches any time you need to. This way, you get your questions answered and fast track your progress.

👥 Access to an active community of 3,800+ blogging business builders you can interact with, learn from, and grow with. 

🗣️ Unlimited DM Access (24/7 access). Got a question and need help fast? Just send one of our coaches a direct message, and we'll get back to you ASAP.  

💯 LIFETIME ACCESS to all BGE updates, course upgrades, and content we add over time.

🎁 All the extras: the BGE Vault, custom blog post templates, BGE SEO agency course, making money on Upwork course, and our private backlink exchange Slack channel.

🔒 No Risk To You GUARANTEE - you get our 100%, no-questions-asked refund policy. If you're not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 14 days.

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100% Refund and Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your 100% risk-free purchase. So we offer a 14-day Action-Based Guarantee. That means if you go through the program and realize that it’s not for you, you’re entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase. No questions asked.

Got questions? We got answers.

Can you still make money today?

The short answer is yes.

While blogging has gotten more competitive over the years, there are an abundance of things that you can write that can make you money. Think about it this way… there are now more products being released and bought online than ever before.

What if you could monetize this opportunity by finding keywords and writing articles about new products before anyone else, solidifying your rankings, and making affiliate revenue for years to come? That’s exactly our students do and exactly what you can do too. Our program will help you “ride waves” and spot trends in your niche to publish monetizable articles before anyone else.

How are you different from other courses?

Before launching Blog Growth Engine, we did extensive research on the current online course landscape so that we could one-up the competition and make the best blogging course in existence. We had to understand what currently existed to blow every other course out of the water.

Here’s how we differ.

Our students are real people from all walks of life: teachers, college students, lawyers, professors, coaches, etc. Our students have a wide range of ages and genders and are from all over the world.

We’re regular people. We’re not SEO nerds. We’re not niche site guys. We don’t live in spreadsheets and reports.

We’re not trying to teach students how to create tiny niche sites and sell them in a few years for $50 grand.

We want our students to build sustainable personal brands that stand the test of time and change their lives forever.

There’s a reason that so many niche sites fail. It’s because people who launch them focus too much on SEO reports and tools and hacks, and then pigeonhole themselves in one small niche area. Then it doesn’t work out, it’s not attached to their identity, and they quit.

While creating a small niche site is possible today, it just so happens that the likelihood of success is very small.

Yes, if you’re already an SEO expert, you could go out and buy a niche site for $100k and then maybe flip it for $300k after a few years.

But what if this is the first blog you’ve ever created?

Do you think you can choose the perfect niche and get it just right at the beginning?

Most people can’t.

That’s why we teach the personalized, direct approach to finding your niche over time based on your individual identity, testing multiple sub-niches, and real data backed by Google.

We also offer the most intensive ongoing support, including unlimited coaching support for free as part of your enrollment in Blog Growth Engine.


Yes. And it's 100% covered in the cost of the program.

You can book a call any time you need help. All you have to do is go through the course to make sure you have a baseline understanding of what you're working on. And then you just click the "book a call" link in the community.

From there, you'll be able to schedule a time with one of our coaches and get the help you need.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer?

We have changed the game when it comes to ongoing support.

In our private community, you can ask any question and our blogging coaches will answer with video responses and screen share answers via Loom.

In addition to the community, we offer weekly live group coaching calls you can participate in, in addition to our 1-on-1 coaching calls that you can book any time.

We also offer unlimited DM support -- if you have a question, just reach out to one of our blog coaches and we'll get back to you ASAP.

As we’ve grown this course, we realize that a lot of blogging is nuanced, so ongoing support, coaching, accountability, and community are becoming even more powerful than the course content itself.

I don't have much experience. Is this still for me?


This course is built to launch and grow a blog from zero and teaches every tactic you need on niche selection, SEO, content writing, link building, affiliate marketing, and more. We also give you the exact click-by-click framework to build your website from scratch - no technical skills required.

Even if you’re not an “expert” in any area, we will help you find your unique niche that you can grow in and become successful.

What if I have an existing blog I want to improve?

This course is still good for you as we give all of the business frameworks to make you successful. While you might not need to consume the content on setting up a website, you can still learn the exact plugins and settings to tweak.

Success doesn't come from just having a website. It is made through the business principles taught in this course. It is achieved from keyword research, content assembly, link building, monetization, and not giving up.

I already have blogging experience. Is this still for me?


This program is a culmination of 8 years of experience not just in blogging, but knowledge gained in a digital marketing career that spanned multiple disciplines, including Affiliate Management and being a Digital Marketing Director. It is the latest SEO and affiliate monetization strategies to not just get started, but to break through any revenue goal whether it’s $10k a month or $100k a month.

Will this course be updated?

Yes, this course is constantly evolving and being updated as we learn more about blogging. We just released version 4.0 with 51 videos, more blogging coaches, and a private link exchange community.

Once you enroll, you are a customer for life — you will not pay for future updates. All updates are included with your one-time purchase.

How much time should I spend on my blog?

Short answer: You have to be willing to put in work to make money blogging.

To build a passive income machine in your life, you actually have to build the machine. But with our startup strategies, you can make a lot more progress in less time. We recommend you spend AT MINIMUM 10 hours per week building your blogging business.

Will I need to buy extra tools after I purchase this course?

Short answer: Yes.

Around $100 - $200 per month.

Over the course of 7 months, we researched the most affordable and effective tech stack to run a successful blogging business.

Tool costs: Web hosting is going to be $5-25/month depending on who you decide to go with. We recommend WPX for $25/month (or $20.83 when paid annually). Your theme can be free, as well as many other SEO tools and plugins. WP Rocket is $59/year (site speed), and ThirstyAffiliates is $79.50/year for affiliate link management.

Once your blog is launched, we recommend you do your keyword research with Ahrefs, but you can always pay for one month, do all of your keyword research, and then cancel. We also recommend SurferSEO to optimize your blog posts for SEO ($59/month).

Outsourcing your blog’s content creation is another future cost, but that is totally up to you. I didn’t outsource anything until my blog was profitable, and we give you the framework to grow your blog to profitability to scale up like a real business.

are there any ongoing charges?

Nope. None. You get everything for the one-time purchase price. No upsells. No extra subscription fees. No surprises. No fuss. No hassle. 


A few ways.

First, no one is offering 1-on-1 coaching at this price point. Most coaching programs will cost you thousands of dollars and be very limited in what you get access to.

Second, I've built up a team of blogging coaches and experts so we're all staying updated on the latest trends and changes in the blogging market. So when Google makes an algorithm update, or when something drastically changes with how we're creating content (hint: AI writing tools), we will update the coursework, and make sure everyone is up to date.

Third, we have a thriving community that is very active and supportive -- most other courses don't have active communities like ours. 

What's your refund policy?

100% Refund and Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your 100% risk-free purchase.

We offer a 14-day No Questions Asked Guarantee. That means if you go through the program and realize that it’s not for you, you’re entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase.


I haven't been blogging since 2010 (like many teaching these concepts). I started in 2019 and built one of the fastest-growing blogs in the software review space. I got my blog's income up to 1 million dollars per year with a minimal team and I've been teaching this process to others over the last 3 years. 

I also have a background in the tech space working as an affiliate manager for some of the biggest blogs on the internet, so I've seen everything there is to see behind the scenes and I know how to succeed in blogging today. 

Do I get lifetime access to the course and materials?

Yes. 100%.

And when we create updates for the course, you'll get all of those too -- for life. 

Will the content be dripped out or available all at once?

Once you enroll, you get access to the entire course.

We don't drip it out over a period of time because we all learn at a difference pace. The course is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of building a profitable blog, so we don't recommend you skip around. But you can go through it as fast or as slow as you want to.

I'm a complete blogging noobie -- is that okay?

Yes, in fact, it might be the best thing for a beginner because you won't have to unlearn a bunch of bad, outdated info about blogging. We have lots of people in the community -- ranging from complete beginners to seasoned experts like myself. 

True Stories From Our Students Who’ve Made Their First $10k Online With Blogging

Joining Blog Growth Engine changed my life. I was able to create an income that allowed me to earn 5x more per hour than I was making at my 9-5. *After his successes, Eddy is now our head blogging coach and employed by BGE.

$10,000+/month blogger

Eddy Ballasteros,

*Results Not Typical*

I started a fitness website to work on in my spare time and I got nowhere for 9 months. That's when I found BGE. Once enrolled, I started going through the modules and realized where I was messing up. After just a few months, I was generating affiliate income. Now I earn over $5k/month and it's just growing and growing. 


Rob Wagener,

*Results Not Typical*

I've been blogging since 2012, but never really made money until now. Last year, I discovered Adam's blog and it changed everything. Since starting BGE, I've been able to make as much as my 9-5 and earn affiliate commissions month after month.

$10,000+/month blogger

Samantha North,

*Results Not Typical*

I implemented the course over the last 12 months, and I just had my first 10k visitors to the blog and it's is going up consistently.


Peter Hoopis,

*Results Not Typical*

After BGE, I've published over 75 articles and my affiliate income is up every month.

$7,000+/month blogger

Samantha Brandon,

*Results Not Typical*

I've managed to get my site up to 40,000 visitors per month and I'm making over $3k with BGE. *After his successes, Chris is now our head strategy coach and employed by BGE.


Chris Starkhagen,

*Results Not Typical*

After 7 years of trying and not getting anywhere... Paul finally found Blog Growth Engine. And now after 6 months, he's able to make consistent revenue from blogging.

$5,000+/month blogger

Paul Aroloye,

*Results Not Typical*

I've been blogging for several years and have bought tons of courses. I was curious to see what Adam was doing, so I bought BGE and started implementing Adam's strategies. Thanks to the course, I've been able to scale my publishing and backlinks. Before BGE, my site was averaging around $2k per month, but after implementing the strategies, I've had a few months where I've done over $10k per month in affiliate commissions.


Ilir Salihi,

*Results Not Typical*

Here’s what our student Christina was able to do in her first 12 months.

Hear about her progress in her own words 👇🏻

I had taken a few courses before BGE, but we hadn't made any money or even put together much of a site. We took it all one step at a time. We started our blog in March 2022 and over a year later, we're making over $15k consistently. We've been doing the work every single day. Results all come down to being consistent and putting in the effort.


Christina C.

*Results Not Typical*

After launching my site, I was able to make money from consulting. After 9 months, I quit my job and went all-in on my blogging business. This isn't typical and I put in a lot of work with consulting to make it happen, but it was so worth it. *After her successes, Jessica is now our head link building and consulting coach and employed by BGE.

$10,000+/month blogger

Jessica La,

*Results Not Typical*

Before BGE , I couldn't figure out how to get more traffic or monetize the traffic I had. After 6 months, my site grew to 40,000 page views.


Jo Barnes,

*Results Not Typical*

After going through BGE, I wiped my old website clean from all the content I had and completely changed my approach to blogging. Now I'm ranking for terms that I never through possible, and have started consulting others to help them build their websites and rank high in Google. BGE is super comprehensive and no stone is left unturned.


Teri Ambrose,

*Results Not Typical*

I'm a doctor of audiology and I joined BGE because I wanted to build something outside of my job that could eventually replace my income and give me opportunities outside of my 9-5. I've grown my website from DR0 to DR23 and revenue is up after learning how to sell my services based on everything I learned in BGE.


Amy Sarow, audiologist @

*Results Not Typical*

After 3 years of blogging and doing everything wrong, I had barely made any money and was struggling to get traffic. After joining BGE, and implementing everything in the course, I've tripled my traffic in Google. The biggest value of BGE has been the coaching and community to keep me accountable.


Katie Restrepo,

*Results Not Typical*

Before BGE, I was very aware of building websites and making affiliate income as I've worked in IT for most of my career. Before BGE, I was already making some ad revenue from my YouTube channel and Udemy courses. But BGE helped me map out a clearly-laid out plan for me to grow my websites that allowed me to build up my traffic and affiliate income.

aviation blogger

Ben Lovegrove,

*Results Not Typical*

I run a popular affiliate marketing blog and have for several years. I've done pretty well for myself, and then I found BGE. I was one of Adam's first students, and I executed every strategy and tactic he gave us. Since then, I've hit consistent $10k months in affiliate commissions and my website was recently evaluated for $250k on Empire Flippers.


Sam Rexford,

*Results Not Typical*

I always wanted to create an affiliate website. So I went out and found the top three courses. The first two courses worked, but they only helped me earn a few bucks per month. However with BGE, I was able to get to $2,000 per month with the same time and effort as the other courses. By month six, I was able to recoup my investment, and after 12 months, I've made back my investment many times over.


Marcelo Beilin,

*Results Not Typical*

Thanks to BGE, I'm making between $4k and $6k month. I've been trying to make money online for the last 7 years and this is the first time I'm able to finally start making an income through my site. *After helping in the community and getting results, Marcos is now our head DM coach and employed by BGE.


Marcos Isaias,

*Results Not Typical*

After watching Adam's YouTube videos, I decided to join BGE. A full year and a lot of work later, I've exceeded my initial financial goals I had for the site. Today, most of my site's income is from blog sponsorships. I wouldn't be where I'm at right now if it weren't for Blog Growth Engine and the supportive community.


Dave Williams, whitewater rafting guide

*Results Not Typical*

And then we have our thriving community of blogging business builders just like yourself interacting, sharing wins, and asking questions every single day.

So when you join BGE, you’ll never be alone in your journey. You’ll have a group of experts who were once where you are, working to pull you up to their level.

Here's just a handful of posts from our community 👇🏻

Meet the creator:


Starting a blog has completely changed my life. Building a content-driven business has helped me to:

  • Quit My Job Within 6 Months

I worked in the tech industry for 4 years... and I was overworked, stressed, and felt like I was barely getting by.

  • Pay Off All Of My Student Loans

It took me 6 years to get through school and to have all that debt lifted off my shoulders gave me a new lease on life.

  • Travel And Live All Over The World

My blogging business gives me the choice to work and live wherever I want in the world.

  • Create My Own Schedule

Nothing is more important than doing what you want and spending time with those you love. 

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